Getting in for getting out

Where are you heading?“ a group of young girls asked us in the train on our ride to the airport, short before they leave the train. We told them: “ We go on a trip around the world“. The real happened amusing answer is „Trip around the world, where ist that?“

Where ist that is a good question. We don´t know where our ways will go to. We have a rough plan, that is all. Oceania, Asia, hopefully North- and Southamerica, maybe Africa, who knows. We will see all the details.

Why are you going on such a trip in these times today? When instead, when not now? We do not want to flee from our country Germany and we do not have the intension to find us self in a kind of spiritual way. If you haven´t lost yourself before you don´t have to find yourself during such a trip.

Frankly speaking: we just want to travel. Collect new impressions and experiences, maybe find some inspirations for our further life.

Since 01st of May 2008 we are travell. Since that date our homepage grows and grows. Please do not feel forced to browse the page but if you are interested here are some tips navigation:ingsind wir nun unterwegs.

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