Noodling in Coober Pedy
Let´s go south where the sun is…“ Äh stop! That´s wrong everything is upside down, you´ll never see the sun in the south during the day, that means again : “Let´s go north where the sun is.. “ Yes, now it is right. After we spend the last 10 weeks in the one-digit temperature scale in our tent we were now looking forward to meet the sun again. (Nobody believe that when we talking about Australia) But on the way to our first continental station it was one more night shivering. On the last campspot next to the highway the wind showed a last time how cold it could be. The result . 2 long trousers, long sleeves, winter socks and a sleeping bag which is originally good for hard winters. But we survived, hardly, but we did : - ) Our chilblains needed the whole ride to Coober Pedy to defrost. With a smile on our face we got out of the car and in front of the visitor center we crashed against a wall of heat. It was about 30 degrees with the brightest sky and a lot of sun. The capitol city of Opals gave us literally spoken a warm welcome.

The inhabitants of the city flee from this heat as well and so half of them decided to make her life in the earth.

They live in so called dugouts. The digged tunnels where opened more and more, combined with other tunnels and so you get the most unique and equal temperatured flat you´ve ever had. Partly they have more than 400 square meters. And by the way this is cheaper than expected. When paying for a house on the ground about 200,000 AU$ the flat costs you with 10,000 AU$ by way of comparison nothing. There no cost for heating or cooling the temperature is stable no matter if summer or winter. Outside 50 degree inside comfortable 23 degree , that´s what it is. Even asd a camper you have the chance to camp under the earth there is a campground where you can pitch you tent under the surface. Quite funny. But we were happy about the first warm sunbeams and decided rather to stay at the surface. But it was worth to take a view because we could not imagine. In addition to all this you can also visit an underground bookstore, a church and a restaurant and so on, all of these withour any window. So there were a lot of things to see and explore.

And totally without descending it was not possible and not to recommend in that unique city. What we will have from a visit of one of the few worldwide or australianwide cities without attempting a view into a tunnel and a real working mine. (by the way 95% of the world opals are from Australia).

We wanted to feel the precious stone rush. So welcome on a playground for adults. In the mine you could try several different things, move up and down the vertical tunnels on a kind of swing, hammering the walls with a pneumatic hammer, using black light lamps for searching opal veins, we could use pickaxes to bang into the wall and on the surface there were big piles of dust where you can noodle with a riddle. What we had? We had a lot of fun, but we did not find the greatest opal of the century in spite of expecting it to improve our budget for travelling. What a pity!?!?