name: Sina Stuhldreher

born: 03.10.1979

in: Wuppertal

leisure time: writing,
kickboxing, traveling

guide line:
Who is looking for truth, runs the risk of finding it.
My personal key features short before the decision to quit the present live: My name is Sina, 28 years old and powered by the energy to live my life, even when it sometimes means to survive the moment. What I am? If you would describe it in the things you do the most time during your day: Here a couple of snapshots. The current status, year 2007: industrial clerk, waitress, occasional writer. Before in reverse order: editor and layout woman of a city magazine, student of German philology, theology and mathematics and trainee in an industrial company.  Who I am? Honestly?- No idea! I think just me. A human being, who is looking for something special. Maybe for the special frame that fits. I couldnít find it in my past. Iím not sure, if I will find it in my future. But Iím at a point, where things like that donít matter anymore. What matters? Just be. What happens that I changed my life one day by another? ... Everything began with a trip to Thailand with my best friend Lisa. Two girls with backpacks in a successful fight to extend our personal frames. We let us drift for a couple of weeks, certainly informed but aimless at all. This backpacker clichť let our frames grow. With the new won point of view, you get a new point of interest in your life. No satisfaction without travelling anymore. This lead to the situation, that I began to act .....