name: Marc Frantzen

born: 17.10.1974

in: Remscheid

leisure time: taking of photographs, kickboxing, traveling

guide line:
Limits begin there, where you let them begin.
I always try to compare the step from an office job to a world trip with northern lights. They start to appear in the heaven of the northern hemisphere so very subtle and then they make the whole sky glow and are indeed very present. In the same kind they do, my innermost thoughts did as well. At first all that was very subtle but at last it was present all the time. This all made me to take the step, to drop out of the current life in order to travel the world. The contact with a certain person (you can find her under “SHE”) who had the same ideas, exactly at the right place at the right time supported all this. Furthermore the daily attempt to get to the bottom of the current life situation, my thoughts began to shine like the northern lights and to strengthen their presence from step to step. Who does not know the question: “Do I actually do the right thing I want to?”  My thoughts now found the same door through new influences, northern lights find in the area north of polar circle. This fact creates the present strong glowing of the particles and also made my thoughts “glowing”.
I was 32 years old, I worked in an office of an industrial company, in a job with a lot of responsibility and observed a developing interplay between stress of occupation and stress of leisure time. I carried the problems of the day at home and was not able to work off the straining factors as fast as new straining factors came on top of it. I was married, just got a big new flat surrounded with all the perfect things, the society think is perfect. I started asking my self with regard to my age : “Am I at the end now. Should I give my soul to a life 
with a career I actually do not want and bury my real dreams?”
To satisfy the restless minds and thoughts, which are hungry for inspiration and experience I made a decision most people could not understand. And sometimes even for me my timing was not understandable. But things came to a flux and were not to stop. The time had come to life that dream, to life the live new, to make some important decisions and accept the steps to do to be content and happy again. Now I know I must never ask myself later:” What would have been when I had done it”. I know, because I did.