Let me introduce Mr. Freddy

Freddy is here! After we appreciated the comfort of an own car in Australia it was pretty clear to us: we need our own car for moving around! Buying a car as a traveller in Australia with no fixed address – absolutely no problem. This country makes even no stress with bureaucracy. So our plan was to comb all the car sellers in Darwin to come to the decision finally, professional car sellers must be a spezial race of human beings :-) After they tasted blood of a potential buyer, they get you in their sights without mercy and let you finally go when you signed the contract. We were at the end of our tether and ran away from the car yards and went back to our campsite. On the ride there we thought about checking out all the different offers from other backpackers who want to sell their car.

As we arrived the site inquired a small bus which was in the morning „For Sale“. Unfotunately we came to late, it was sold, but same time somebody offered us a white Ford Falcon station wagon. – Mr. Freddy.
this car found in Australia its one and only market – you could see thousands of this kind of car. This car had a name, a fortune shell on the dash board and had everything what we need. With one sentence: it was our car!

After a transfer without any problems Freddy went on maiden voyage. „Go West“ to our next destination Kununurra. After about 100 kilometer I took the steering wheel of the 260 PS (Wow-wow-wow) battleship from my boyfriend Marc. To take the end in advance : the policeman is still living, the birds unfortunately

singing for Elvis now!

Still fighting with driving left, an automatic transmission and horrible dimensions of the car suddenly a man with a signalling disc was standing on the side of the road. After an elegant full braking and an australian „How are you doing?“ (We still do not know if people expect a correct answer if they ask it for greeting) I should be breathe tested with the question „Did you drink any alcohol
today?“ „Yes, äh no!“ was my stammering answer. I will shortly explain the context. It was Tuesday afternoon and the next pub was about 200km away. After some communication probelms and three breathe testing attempts we could drive away- it was a real pleasant and patient policeman.

But considering the next part the police man could be very lucky with regard to my full braking.
In front of us sit a flock of birds which seem to sing a bedtime story to a “sleeping” kangaroo in the middle of the road. A small blue one was still singing when the our car arrived. The collision hurled him away and finished his song :-(

But still after this turbulent ride it stays : „Mr. Freddy was the right decision” (Sina)