Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk)


Visit in the zoo
The experience to live in a zoo goes on. The ride to the Edith Falls was similar to the ride down the Stuart Highway direction south. You read the „countdown“ kilometersto Alice Springs, only 1200km left since leaving Darwin we travelled about 300km. We both are not unhappy to take the journey down to Ayers Rock later. As people from middle E you have to get use to these extreme distances. But even the Edith Falls was worth to go there. After a afternoon stay at the bottom of the falls, we want to go to the upper pools of the falls in the next morning. The way up was a little bit steep but not so long and the cooling
     in the clear water of the upper pool was exactly the right thing to do. The thing in Australia by now: every day is like a visit in a zoo. In the morning some kangaroos jumped over the campsite. You wake up in the mornig from a bird´s concert and the trees are full of big bats, the most colourful and most beautyful insects flying arounf, there are giant grasshoppers and colourful birds which are sitting on the picnic table in front of you. In Kathrine Gorge NP you hear howling Dingos in the mornig. Australia like a stereotype movie – absolutely cool !! (Sina)

Paddle Trip in the afternoon
In the afternoon we wanted to explore the Katherine Gorge on its waterways. 12.30 o´clock burning heat and no wind. We went to the landing place of the boats and got a few instructions in Australian speed Englisch, life jackets on and here we go. We paddled on the right side of the bank and enjoyed the landscape. There were different little beaches, rocks and trees which reached far into the water. Swimming was allowed and so we were able to get a cooling from the small beaches.We
up the towering and steep cliffs of that gorge. Sina wanted to get a short cooling in the river, I did without this day. Not because of crocodiles even because I´m not a swimming fan in open water. In the water there were only the shy Freshies – sweet water crocodile, you should not approach them inspite of being the more pleasant ones in opposite to the Salties 5 up to 6 meter long estuarine or saltwater crocodiles, who should not be in these waters. The rangers are always watching the rivers and looking for Salties. Yeah, the rangers they were always taking care, but unfortunately…: - )