This is only stolen...

When will our first things be stolen in the wide world? When does anybody need our belongings more than we? Some friends already bet in which country we get rid of the first things by thefts. They guess we will see our own things on some night markets where we can buy them backJ But since one of the last weekends it was clear they lost their bet. Because nobody bet on Germany. 45 square meters living space are under normal condition quite cramped for two people. It is much more complicated when you pack all your belongings from your 33 years 

respectively 28 years life together.Overall are cardboxes and a lot of things, old things but even new equipment for the trip. For that view we find only one word: chaos! So you decide to bring a few things into the cellar where even the bicycle stands. A stupid mistake! Our front door always too open for the whole world and sometimes some awkward customers seemed to observe us and decide to have also a look into our cellar. They found some interesting things mainly my sport bike, the bike of my girlfriend and my new backpack, total value 2,500 Euro.

Thank you very much, thank you to that people who do not show respect to belongings of other people. But now we know our country is not the slightest bit better than other countries with regard to safety. But statistic says, too: It is not realistic that something would be stolen a second time shortly after the first time. So we have a confidential glimpse ahead. Unfortunately we have to buy some things the second time. One more time! Sometime it ends with the start again.