Welcome to Marc´s Vanuatu
Vanuatu. A real spezial moment. Even when the days are over when you could get from the chief 5 woman for just 3 rusty ship nails the travel to Vanuatu is worth it. You start with no special expectations, when you know Vanuatu at all, but in the end you are simply overwhelmed. You´ll find everything here: nature, clear water, super snorkel places, friendly people, culture and everything seems still alive and not artificial. It is not a modern funpark for the experience hungry package tour tourist, who do not want to do without all the comfort, but experience all the culture as well. Vanuatu beats all expactations and to find the right words for everything is almost impossible. I think it is one of the very rare places in this world where the people show with their attitude that you need for happiness and contentment other things than capitalism. They have another definition and the hope remains that they would never been infected with that „virus“ of materialism and money making. Please remain as you are. It was also by chance that we chose that destination for a small trip, but thanks Vanuatu and thanks all the people there for that extraordinary experience we had.