Welcome to Sina´s Vanuatu
Sina´s Vanuatu is maybe a bit presumptous to say. Vanuatu has between 78 and 83 different islands, the amount varies a bit depending on the source or the level of Kava. We visited only three of them, so what else to say?

Your main attitude must be „just let it flow“. The people are one of the nicest of the world. Nobody want anything bad for you, nobody just want to sell any shit to you and you better never ever have your perfect plan in mind because it would only destroy the flow. And another advice, just say yes, actually to everything (almost) you will be surprised.

„Should I cook my fvorite meal for you?“ – „Yes.“ „Should I organize a local string band for you this evening? – „Yes.“ „Do you like to do a horse ride?“ – „Yes.“ OK – wrong. This one who read the text about Tanna knows the right answer to that. „No we rather like to do a trip to the cave the real home of the volcano. But who cares, there is a good thing at all and never deny to take a guide. Only a guide makes the trip really funny. There a some who climb faster than you can look a coconut palm to catch one for you when you are thirsty. Some tell you they are the best hunter of whole Tanna (these are the same who tell you about riding trips) and then there are guides fort he vulcano who are more frightened than you and rather stay at the bottom. It will never become boring…