After the country is before the country

We did say goodbye to the Mates of Australia and suddenly we become aware, it starts really. In the last months we built up a kind of second home, only we three and all the mates. But as we looked at our homepage again, we remembered actually we wanted to do a worldtrip and not only an Australian trip. So: „Ready for take-off“. In roughly two hours we flew from Melbourne to Brisbane, on the way to Melbourne we needed two months for that distance with our Sir Freddy who did in the meantime the way back completely without us but with his new owners. Further three hours to the west and there we are, in the middle of Efate Island, in the Ploynesian Sea, though this island is Melanesian not Polynesian. Almost another 19 islands are above us and another 63 below, or other way round, who knows, who cares? Here there should be the happiest people of the whole world. Full of exploring spirit we forced ourselves after the short check in our Bed-and-Breakfast accomodation to a short stroll through the city of Port Vila. Short remark: we had a room, four walls, power, a fan and an own toilet, not a shared one. And we had an fleecy towel, a real one, were you can wrap yourself in after a shower. This fact alone makes this holiday after 10 months camping to a real experience : - )

But back to the topic: we followed the way ort he road direction center of the small town. Port Vila is the capitol of Vanuatu and in our mind it was a real big city. In fact, after a few metres we knew that we were a bit wrong. It is not exactly a metropolitan city, it is more sort of a village, no fast food chaions like Subway, Mc Donald (please remark that, no Mc Donald, this must really the end of the world), no Pepsi, but yes, it had Coca Cola. Ut we think quite every remote place in the world has Coca Cola. So that was nothing special. Now there were only that thing of the happiest people of the world we were looking for. WE were grinning towards everyone but nobody did it back and all people seemed to have a bad day. Disappointed and a bit cowardly we went back to our small hotel and enjoyed another round of real fleecy towels.

Another day, another attempt. And look, there was something like a grinning in the face we could identify. We were cruising through the city which was over quite quick due to the size of that city, so we thought we could visit another small island, and took an even so small boat to that island named Ifira (one of the smalles islands at all, directly in front of Port Vila) And there we experienced let it simply flow, let the people make, do not expect something rather let it be and you´ll get the best days. On the boat we met a young women who showed us part of her island. Acutally we were looking for a small beach for a short swim, and she knew how to help. She called her younger brother with his friends and these three guys lead us over the island to a small beach at the back of it. The three young guys were amused about our skin colour when we took out the clothes and stand with our swin suit in front of them. Must be funny looking like a piece of cheese. This day was really great, with a private guide and we learned – let them make. The whole thing we perfected at Tanna Island later.

One of the Highlights of Port Vila is to mention. It is the market. There are over 100 stalls, which offered about 5 different vegetables and fruits together and another 20 stalls which offer their Laplap (national dish of Vanuatu) and in the back part of the market hall you will have some small kitchens where all the women offer their special dish of the day (very cheap, very delicious). The women are all nice, but at most our chief.
There were also some other delicious things like flying fox, and you can buy one for just 4,30 EURO, it is really a bargain.

At the very end of Efate we rent a car and did a whole round around the island as well about 140km and green plants as far you can look, nice bays and again small and nice colourful bamboo villages. Every day is a little adventure. But he funniest thing at all that a short time ago, the mobile found its way into this complete other age and you see almost nobody without one at his ear. Either for talking with some relatives or just simply to play the different melodies, just asking the one at the other end of the line if there is a good reception or not or just calling the assisstance to ask fort he time in order to check if the time on the mobile is really the right one. This we asked ourselfes quite often when we looked around….

NO other tourist at that time. But anyway just erect a small market, who knows?

With that nice dealers it was hard not to buy the Coke bottles from 1942, which they dived for…

Some parts of the island are simply green – nothing else But hat does not mean that you can go for an undisturbed piss. There could always be somebody jumping out of the bush.

We did not know what she cooked, but all parties had fun at all.

Our food did not cost 500 Vatu - fortunately

You sit in a boat paddling in peaceful mind and you never think about that some guides find wet tourists incredible funny – but they do! Short after the snapshot I was showered,

But Ok. The landscape was nice…

And Marc went wet as well, funny isn´t it ? :-)))