Welcome to Sinas Australia

How are you doing, Mate?“ This sentence is definitely more than just a “hello”, it is an experience of life of a whole continent. Because somehow everybody is a mate. We sat in a stadium in Melbourne during a football game and I have to admit my behaviour was a bit conspicious in the first minute with my sentence to our direct neighbour „Who is actually playing?” (Marcs hint was at once „Shut up, otherwise they bash you” And it is not without background when coming out of a soccer nation). Around us only black and red and blue and white fans, a local derby, Essendon against the Bulldogs. In Germany and in other middle and westeuropean countries this would have been a reason for an escalation. And here: Nothing – total harmony.
After my careful question in direction our helpful game interpreters on our left and right side (an Essendon and a Bulldog fan), if it would be fine when they sit shoulder on shoulder the answer was „Yeah, no problem, we are Mates!“ Problem was solved! It really exists, the Sinaworld a place with a lot of harmony – I´m enthusiastic.

And you can find that enthusiasm everywhere. But at most the enthusiasm of men and women is about Australia itself. Patriotism is probably absorbed by the mother´s milk. There is absolutely nobody who is totally delighted being in Australia. And why? Because the country is gigantic.

Punkt 1) You have endless space and I mean really endless. Everybody who drove the Nullarbor or a part of the Stewart Highway knows what I´m writing about. You drive 500km through rough and red landscape and you´ll see absolutely nobody. And if somebody comes you´ll greet through you windscreen with exciting wave movements. And why? Because we are all mates;-)

Point 2) Every state has his own style, which you can also find on the number plates.
South Australia – The Festival State
Queensland – The Sunshine State
New South Wales – God´s Country
Victoria – The Place to be
Tasmania – Explore the possibilities
Two states on the other hand do not need this kind of advertising. On the one hand Western Australia because the whole world is Western Australia, so why bragging? On the other the Northern Territory, but honestly they have Kakadu, Litchfield and the Uluru – any questions? But as much local patriotism there is, it is not dramatically shown. Because somehow we are all mates : - )

Punkt 3) And there is wildlife overall! The whole time we spent the night with animals around us like kangaroos, wallabies, pandemelons, koalas, wombats, possums, parrots, kakadus, cockaburras, fortunately not in our tent. I will miss them. And even if the Australian doesn´t take it so seriously what he has on his BBQ, they stand with the same glitter in their eyes in front of all the wildlife, because somehow, even the animals are mates.

I would rather give some points of critic so that it is not kind of one-sided. And I find something very quickly. There is no better thing than to gripe over the weather. We were in the high dry season in the Kimberleys and had rain. The explanation: „It is total unusual for this time!“ We were at the sunshine coast in the summer, again “SUNSHINE Coast”, and had three weeks rain. The explanation: „It is total unusual for this time!“ We walked the Overlandtrack – 30 degree! The explanation: „It is total unusual for this time!“

Unfortunately the last point had considerable effects on Victoria, like everybody knows. And the worst moment was to see how everything what we saw a month ago went up in flames. The biggest shock Australia has to overcome again. But even here we witnessed that the approach on life kept in these hard times. In an short time over 100 Million dollar were donated.

Enough griping! – Thanks Autralia for these beautiful time which we could share with you. For the best time of my life.

We´ll miss you mates!