Timeout Time

After unsuccessful looking for work and all the got impressions of the last time we found ourself in a kind of travel depression. You never belief that something like that could happen but it creeps unnoticed from behind, then you wake up in the morning and could count three persons instead of two. We both and our travel depression. The question how can we get rid of it again? Just in times of a depression, so we have learned you have to invest anyway and we have to dig deep in our pockets and bought two ticket fort he ferry to Magnetic Island. We were ready for the island, this was the simple solution. Sometimes the world is too easy. On the next we found ourself on the ferry. In another way than the good, old Captain Cook, who had problems with compass declinatrion and called the island for that reason “magnetic”, our captain found the way through the water at once and docked at Nelly Bay. The ferries today in deed don´t carry barrels of rum, maybe another explanation. However we arrived our destination for the next days and could relax on the beach and spot, that was the more important fact, some Koalas, who live at that island. Almost 201 Koalas live in the Eucalypt trees around Magnetic Island. 20 hours for sleep and 4 hours for eating, all that in sort of slow motion. There in fact more heavy-going lives on earth. Directly at the second evening we went the so called Forts Walk, which hold a few ruins of the second world war as well. Magnetic Island was a military base for protection of the east coast against air attacks. Fortunately today it means when you look up into the sky „there look, there is a real Koala in the tree”.