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Of course, we spend a lot of money on this journey. Of course nobody will donate freely and support such a private project. But think about it, we have to move, sleep, eat and drink during this journey. And it is our interest, as far as it is possible, to bring our homepage always up to date in order to provide all the interested people with current informations. We will give complex informations and maybe you can use them for your travel planning, so it should be worth to you to donate a small fee. It is our aim to make all the reports entertaining and we like to provide the page with excellent photos of the trip. This part is involved with costs and time, too. We would be very grateful to anybody who recognize these efforts and reward us with a small donation in order to get the chance to finish our project travelling the world with minimum and get an idea and insight into peoples life in the world. Furthermore we want to support social and natural conservation projects with volunteer work. We want to use local, small institutions for booking of special trips and avoid using professional organisations. So we think the money will reach exactly that people who need it.

Every Dollar give us for example in Asia or Latin America the opportunity to have a hot meal, a chance to sleep in a safe accomodation or move to the next destination.

We want to underline our international character of homepage and we vie for international visitors at our homepage with success. Therefore we have a lot of traffic on the page and many visitors. So everybody who will give us special prices, a free trip, a free accomodation or a meal has the possibility to make a link on our homepage between our reports on the trip. We think a cheap way of advertising for everybody and a small support for our project, by the way a nice symbiosis.

We will give every sponsor the possibility that we mention her or him by name or give a link to the own private homepage. It is up to you. We are interested in private as well as commercial sponsors.

What can we do for you ?

  • Everytime current reports, information and photo of the countries we are travelling in
  • Support of social and natural conservation projects
  • Equipment test
  • Photos or reports about equipment of any kind
  • Individual reports / individual information concerning travelling
  • Supply of photos fpr individual use (Conditions for publication according to personel agreement)
  • Travel recommendation and tips

  • Please contact us with the contact form at our homepage. We are open-minded for any other ideas or suggestions, just tell us.

    Thank you.

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