„Trial run“ Norway

Cards dilemma
It was our first vacation spent together. Our full dress rehearsal for the real trip, the world trip. 9 days Scandinavia, with two backpacks and a small rental car. Nature and fjords. The departure in Germany was without any complications, the first small dilemma appeared as we want to pick up our rental car at the desk of the rental car company. What happened, for the usual ammount of security
the man behind the desk wanted to debit our credit card. With a smile in the face he gave it back with the words “sorry, it doesn´t work”. So actually this was not possible. We asked him to try it again. Same procedure, smile in the face “it still does not work”. OK, I thought by myself, should be no problem, let me call the service agency of the credit card to solve that small problem. A nice lady, who always understood my problems, was unfortunately not able to help me, because it was 12.00 o´clock in the night and the problem was a returned letter from the credit card company. I had changed my home address and the bank has forgotten to change the address at the credit card company, so they send me letters which didn´t reach me and so they thought let´s cancel the credit card. Unfortunately the bank employees are not in the office at this time and so the nice lady was not able to update my address, but she assured me,

that she really understand my problem. We had no reservation for a hotel and don´t want to spend money on it, but we had a tent. We were in the Scandinavia and the advantage is that there is a lot of forest even in the neighbourhood of the airport, so we walked a short way, found a small place, with a few trees and spend our night beside the runway, there was a night flight forbiddance blessedly. Our night was brought to an end by an starting plane quite early in the morning. After that we decided to stand up, pack up all our belongings and did the short walk back to the airport hall. In the maentime it was 8.00 o´clock in the morning, so that time where office work begun usually. So it was a short call again and after a short explanation of the problem our credit car was activated again. They gave us the car key and we could start our journey with a little bit delay.

The northern autumn
Our trip in 9 days : a short trek in Jotunheimen NP, walk to the Jostedalsbreen the largest glacier of Europe (mainland) respectively to the edge of the glacier. Furthermore two fjords, some cities like Bergen and Stavanger and two more treks to explore the norwegian nature. So far the theory but unfortunately it was out of season and it was autumn in Scandinavia. The advantage was there were less tourists with us but there are some disadvantages, too. Do you know
about the weather condition at this time? Do you know how much rain can fall at end of September in Norway? Really a lot of rain. Our first station was Jotunheimen NP, with the famous ridge of Berseggen. Our plan was to have a two day loop. On the way there, it was called a nice way alongside the lake, so we thought to get these 10 kilometres in about two or three hours, but unfortunately the way “alongside the lake” was a way which goes up and down, steep over gravel and boulders. Our saying after every hill: “It could not be so far.”

We reached our place to camp short before sundown and it was getting cold and colder. Before sleeping we did a short dinner and a warm-up at a fire. The next morning started with a surprise, snowfall. But still we started our plan to go up to ridge of Berseggen. We climbed meter by meter the small way up to the their quantity and we same time ecreased our speed. We had to decide, was it clever to walk on? In addition fog was coming up. And the mountain. But the snowflakes increased higher we go the worse the visibility became. So we decide to go back “alongside the lake”. With a lack of motivation we need two more hours for the way back than a day before. After reaching our car we started to go to the next point with the hope that weathercondition became better next day. Unfortunately they did not. So the next day started with drizzle again and the clouds

were grey and deep. So we heading for the glacier, with non stopping rain. But still we decide for the short track to the glaciers edge. On this track we met the water in all physical states, rain from above, ice at the glacier and steam from the strain of walking in rain clothes. Dripping wet we returned to the car. Our saying from this hour: “Tomorrow weather will be fine again”. OK, we thought by ourself, in the mountains there will be quite often bad weather but what is with the sea. So we started direction sea with its fantastic fjordes. We visited Hardangerfjorde and even Sognefjorde and stopped in a few cities. Unfortunately we saw cities and fjordes even in only one state, wet with deep and grey clouds. “Tomorrow weather will be fine again”. Another day another walking day, Preikestolen, this very famous and steep boulder high above the Lysefjorde. A few hours walk from the car park. Our attendent: rain! But even there was a strong wind when we reached Preikestolen. So it was impossible to get to rim without the danger to be blown away. That means again back to the car. After the last days camping during the rain we decide for this evening to rent a small cabin in order to sleep in a dry room and furthermore to prepare for our last trip tomorrow. Kjerakbolten,

the boulder, the big marble, between two rocks. From our cabin we started the tour to the point where the walk begun. Unfortunately today there was not only rain but it was heavy fog, too. You could see at maximum 5 metres. At the car park we waited about an hour with the hope that weather will be better. But no luck. We decided to go back to Oslo where our flight would depart tomorrow evening. In the evening we arrived Oslo and wanted to use a campsite again,
which was so expensive like in other areas a hotel is with breakfast included. This vacancy was totally so expensive that our budgte was decreased dramatically in spite of trying to save money where it was possible. This country has an extraordinary price level. If you go into the supermarket your basket is only half full like going into a german supermarket, a drive through a tunnel needs toll of 8 Euro, plus further toll gates, short ferrie cruises over the fjords

costs in absence of alternatives a lot of money, changing fee in a bank for 100 Euro was 10% !

But it does not matter, finally in Oslo the sun was viewing through the clouds and compensate for the bad weather with a few warm sun beams. Unfortunately 8 days too late.
Sightseeing Flight
The boarding for the flight to Germany was on time. We had something to read, it was comfortable and we were looking forward to a few hours we had at home. The captain made the usual announcement but the loudspeaker had this bad quality that you cannot understand anything. So we did not pay attention to his words. After about an hour the plan began with the landing approach, we were astonished a
little bit, because it was too early, but same time we were lucky about that. I watched out of the window and saw a big lake which I didn´t know in the local area of Düsseldorf, furthermore there was a lot of forest. Should this be Düsseldorf? The plane touched down and I was sure, that was definitely not Germany not Düsseldorf, we were back in Oslo again. Not having heard to the captains words he explained in the air that there were

some problems with the auto pilot and it would be better top fly back. Unfortunately the next plane depart at 4.30 in the morning, so we had to spend quite a complete night at Oslos airport. The airline gave some vouchers to the guests so that we were able to get some drinks and food. We get four vouchers by queueing up a second time J But with regard to the prices at Oslo airport it was necessary to survive the upcoming ten hours. But who is able to spend two nights unscheduled at the airport, the first and the last night. But well, what is people saying about botched full dress rehearsal ...?